Kaosnsues…While you Sleep

Making A Difference


While You Sleep…

Throughout an average person’s lifetime they will be asleep for 9,490 days.

That is 9,490 days where we can be comforted by our dreams.

Problems around the world persist while we sleep, so I feel it’s important, to make changes where we can, while we are awake.


Creative expression through art helps invoke ideas and thoughts .

I hope to inspire change through designs that bring attention to important causes like rescue organizations and endangered species conservation.


I believe with every person there is an opportunity for compassion.

I’ve been driven by compassion and I aim to make a difference with KAOSNSUES .


I hope to help build a wave of change through charitable contributions and collaboration with other organizations.

Through the cooperation of creativity and compassion, change can be seen and felt around the world.

Who I AM

Ex-zookeeper/ current firefighter with a degree in Graphic Arts uniting all my passions/interest with KAOSNSUES.

My Vision

Bringing others together to make a difference wherever a need can be met.

My Mission

Designing To Make A Difference.

Bringing Attention to Non-Profits and Donating to Charities.